Monday, June 30, 2008


For those of you who couldn't make the ceremony, here is a video of us exchanging rings and being pronounced husband and wife!

Here we are, husband and wife! You can see our daughters in the background, as we leave the sanctuary of my church.

Here we are again, after the ceremony.

Here are all my girls after the ceremony. Eline leaves this week and it makes me very sad to be losing one of my girls.

Here we are shoving wedding cake (cheesecake) into each others mouths.

I am exhausted after months of preparation and from the parties and dinners and everything and am ready to take a nap. But first I have to take a minute to especially thank my mother, sister Karin, sister Tammy, cousin Robin and brother Bruce for all the work they did during the reception. I love you all very much!

Monday, June 16, 2008

I'm still alive!

My friend Carol has been bugging me to update my blog and I was surprised to find that its been almost a month since I last updated. Before Mike and I moved in together I was pretty good at keeping my blog updated. Hmmmm.

Anyway, his surgery went well, he is recovering well and starts physical therapy on Wed. Chelsea is doing great. She has a rare salt deficiency which is the cause of her dizzy spells. Most people get plenty of salt in every day eating, especially with all the processed foods we eat. Female athletes are particularly susceptible to this disorder, but even then it is still pretty rare. So fortunately all she needs to do is add salt to her meals and drink sports drinks when she is physically active. I always just provided water for her but she is thrilled that now I have to buy sports drinks for her.

The wedding is less than two weeks away. I am excited and yet I am looking forward to it being over. I am sure I will run out of food at the party afterwards, that my dress won't fit or I'll trip going down the aisle. I have no idea what to do with my hair, I've never been good with make up and I want the photos to look good. I guess in the end the main focus is that I am marrying a man I truly love, who loves me and my daughters. We've been through a lot in the past several months and have come out fine, so I hope that's a good predictor of times to come.

Mike is back to work after being unemployed for 6 weeks. He works for a military contractor and there were problems with getting the contract re-let. When we decided to buy a house we decided to only spend what we could afford if all we had coming in were our two retirement checks. Little did we know we'd get to try it out so soon! Actually the time off was really pretty helpful because we got a lot done with the house. The new company he works for is much better than the old one, with great benefits and a large pay raise. Very nice!

I am back in school with two classes this summer. I know I'm crazy, however this will really be a good thing this fall. I start a 20 hour per week internship at a private therapy practice plus will have 4 classes. In the spring I'll have the same internship requirement and only 3 classes. If I didn't go to summer classes that would mean 5 classes in the fall and 4 in the spring. A pretty good payoff if you ask me.

Well, I have loads of things to do today so I'd better get busy. I'll do my best to update a little more often. :)