Saturday, October 31, 2009


Wow, I just realized it's been over a month since I posted.  I am a horrible blogger!  So I will do my best to update anyone who is interested about what our family has been doing the past month.  Chelsea and Jake have been really busy with marching band.  They have had several competitions.  Unfortunately they haven't won any.

These photos were taken at the competition in Orem, UT.  In the group photo Chelsea is 4th from the left and Jake is 7th from the left. In the second photo is Chelsea and the Bass drum line.  She is the bass line captain.

When Eline was here she went sky diving.  So Mike had a beer to commemorate her jump.

Chelsea was asked to play the bass clarinet for the recent band concert.  Here she is with it:
We went to my Godson's 2nd birthday party.

This is his brother (another Godson) on the left and him sitting on his dad's lap. 

This is him enjoying his cake.  I think the gun was to prevent anyone else from eating his cake. :)

This is the kids playing at the band concert on Wednesday.  Jake is playing second from left in the back and Chelsea is playing the small bass drum.

This is Chelsea playing the bass clarinet.

Chelsea turned 17 on the 23rd of October.  She had a party with several of her friends.  She just loves being a teenager!

Mike went to Las Vegas for two weeks for a conference.  He tells me he actually worked while he was there.  This is a picture he sent to me to show me how hot he looks in a suit.  But I already knew that and so I married him!

Mike and I hung out a few times with our friends, Chip and Laura Fuller.  We also had a get together with one of my professors from WSU.  Steve and his partner Dave are good friends. We had them, Chip and Laura and my friend Marcia and her friend Mica over one Saturday night.  Marcia and I went to elementary, junior high and high school together.  Imagine our surprise when we met again at our high school 30 year reunion and found out we live about 10 miles from each other here in Utah!  That was such a fun night. 

Mike went to see Alice Cooper with his friend Tim in Wendover, NV.  Not a concert I'd want to see but he said it was great.

I finally went to book club which I'd missed the past couple of months because of Dad's cancer.  The book we read was The Thirteenth Tale.  It was a good book and it is always fun to talk about books and spend time with friends.  I'm hosting next time but haven't decided what book we'll be reading.

A long time ago I used my Silhouette craft cutter to make a vinyl saying. While Mike was gone I finally got around to putting photos around it.  Here's a picture:

Below it we are going to put a sofa table and add more photos.  If you'd like us to display your photo send us one!

School has been keeping me busy.  Right now I have 18 credit hours and 9 credit hours is considered full time.  I don't think I will take that many next semester!  I also have my internship, which I love!  I am doing individual and group therapy now.  It is scary, but rewarding.  Last week one of my clients told me she has felt much better in the last month since she started therapy with me!  So cool.

Well, I am really tired so I guess this is it for now.  Happy Halloween!