Monday, August 25, 2008

Mama Mia

Mike is such a good husband! Yesterday he said he wanted to take me to a movie since school was starting (today). He let me pick the movie. I chose Mama Mia. Chelsea and I saw it on Broadway when we went to NY last summer and we loved it. The movie was great too, however Pierce Brosnan just cannot sing! I liked that Meryl Streep actually looked like she could be old enough to be the mother of a 20 year old (and she is). She let all her wrinkles show, with very little make up, and she can actually sing. It as a good movie, but I'm not sure the message of having sex with 3 guys in a matter of a few days is such a good one, but it was the 80's so it probably happened more than people want to admit! After the movie was over Mike said he needed to watch a John Wayne movie to get his manhood back! He was the only guy in the whole theater! Mike has several business trips this fall and winter so I told him I was going to buy the DVD when it comes out, have some girlfriends over, make margaritas and we can all sing along to the movie! He just rolled his eyes and laughed.

Scruffy is doing better, however he still doesn't have complete control of his bladder so we have to cancel our trip to Seattle over Labor Day weekend. We really can't ask people to keep him for us if he's likely to pee on their floor.

Today was the first day of school for Chelsea and me. I also start my internship this week. I will be gone two nights a week with school and work. But I am looking forward to my senior year. I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Of course I start my graduate program next fall so I really have 2 years left. It's all good though. I pretty much know everyone in my classes. Two of them require group projects, which I'm not a fan of, but fortunately I am in two good groups so I'm not too worried about it.

Monday, August 18, 2008

We are still alive!

I knew it had been a long time since I'd updated. Carol wouldn't let me forget! But I didn't realize just how long! So hear goes:

We went to South Dakota to visit Larry and Shelia, Matt and Woody. We hiked Harney Peak and saw Mt. Rushmore.

We spent July learning how to be a family of four. Chelsea and Harley got along just fine. Better than most 15 and 12 year olds. Probably because they only have to spend one month a year together. Harley celebrated her 13th birthday here, and her favorite gift was a cell phone, Envy 2, or something. Before this she had a pay-as-you-go phone and couldn't text. Now she has unlimited texting, and according to Chelsea (who gets lots of texts) Harley is putting her phone to good use.

The beginning of this month we celebrated my parents 50th wedding anniversary. It was a great celebration. I got to see some aunts and uncles I hadn't seen in many years. I also saw some cousins I hadn't see since I was about 11 years old! It was great to reconnect and everything went very well. My dad bought my mom a beautiful anniversary ring and they are going on an Alaskan cruise to celebrate.

Friday afternoon I heard my dog howling outside. I went to the back door to see what was wrong and everything looked fine, so I told him to come into the house. He put his two front paws on the step but couldn't get up on his hind legs. I went down and lifted him up and brought him in the house. I set him down and he walked into the living room and sat down. This seemed very strange to me because he always wants attention and if he does lay down it's on the couch (yes, he is spoiled). I went over to him and started talking to him, then I walked across the room and and called him to come to me. He tried, but couldn't get his hind legs to work. I freaked out and called my vet, and of course they were closed. Then I remembered that a family that I go to church with owns an animal hospital. I called there and they got us right in. By that time Scruffy was paralyzed from the waist down. I was crying like a baby, because he is my baby. The vet said she could try steroid shots since I'd brought him in so quickly, and if that didn't work he'd need surgery. Scruffy is only 7 years old, and a Cockapoo. They often live 15-17 years, and my sisters Cockapoo lived for 19 years, so Scruffy is still a young dog. We decided to try the steroid shots and also decided that if that didn't work and the surgeon felt there was a good chance the surgery would work we'd do that. Don't even ask how much that would be! You really don't even want to know how much the weekend at the hospital will be!

Anyway, we picked Scruffy up from the hospital this morning and he is doing very well. He is walking and wagging his tail and looks fine, although he has some recovering to do still. The vet expects a full recovery with the medical intervention and doesn't think surgery will be necessary. This is such great news for our family. We just love this dog and can't imagine life without him. Guess who is going to be totally spoiled (more than usual) in the next few weeks?!

School starts for me and Chelsea next week. I also start my internship working at a private practice which specializes in mental health issues such as depression, alcoholism, obsessive compulsive disorder, and other problems.

I am starting a volunteer stint at the homeless Veteran's home here this week. I need some volunteer hours to put on my master's degree application and this is a program I'm passionate about so its a win/win situation.

I started running again today after about a 3 week break. It felt really good to be out on the road again. I won't be ready to run the 10K race I wanted to run, but I do plan on getting at least one 5K under my belt before it gets too cold.

All in all, I've gained 2.5 lbs since I got to my goal weight this time last year. I am on track again and will lose that before the end of the month, I hope. At least that is the plan.

I am hoping it won't be another 1.5 months before I post again. I'll try to be better! Mary