Sunday, September 27, 2009

It's Fall

Fall is the start of the new TV season.  I was excited to watch the season premiere of my favorite shows, Grey's Anatomy and The Big Bang Theory (TBBT).  And speaking of TBBT I came home from school on Friday and Mike had cleaned the house (which he usually does, not because I don't, but because he's a little OCD so it has to be done a certain way, and only he can do it that way) and had bought me flowers, a card and the complete second season of TBBT.

Last night we watched 5 episodes. That show is so funny we were both laughing out loud!

Today Mike and I went for a motorcycle ride and looked at the fall colors.  The trees are just starting to turn but they are so beautiful.  Here are a few pictures I took. Keep in mind I was on the back of the bike so they aren't the best.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Homecoming Night

The night has finally come.  Homecoming Night.  This is Jake and his date, Savannah.

This is Chelsea and her date, Isaac.

Here is a photo of all the girls, with Mike's bike as a prop:

 Most of the girls went for comfort rather than style for their shoes. We actually bought Chelsea some really dressy heels but she never wore them.

Here are the men in black.  Cute that they are matching, isn't it! 

The boys wanted to show their shoes, too!

The kids decided to have dinner at our house rather than go to a restaurant.  Unfortunately they decided to have spaghetti.  I didn't know that until they showed up with the sauce.  Sadly Chelsea got some on her dress.  I tried getting it out but there is a spot on the front of her dress.  I am hoping the dry cleaner can get it out, but in any case she's worn it 3 times which is more than most can say.

This has been such a special week for Chelsea and I am so glad she got to experience it.  It was so worth all the work!


A few weeks ago Chelsea came home, sat down and said, in a frustrated voice, "I got nominated for Homecoming Queen." I asked her what was wrong with that and she said she didn't want to do it. After some discussion I told her she could go to the administration and tell them she wasn't interested or she could think about all the girls in the school who would kill to be in her place. She finally decided to go ahead and participate.

The first thing on the agenda was to find a dress. Normally Homecoming is less formal than Prom and most girls wear a knee length dress, but the candidates need to have a long dress. We went to Chelsea's favorite dress shop, Just For Girls. The manager there was very helpful especially when she found out Chelsea was, in her words, "royalty". It was so funny because several people asked why Chelsea was trying on floor length dresses and the lady kept saying "Well, she's royalty and royalty has to have a long dress." She was so serious about it too, so Chelsea and I had a few laughs about it.   The first dress she tried was this one:
We thought it was fun, less formal than normal and fit Chelsea's personality. But of course she had to try on 5 or 6 more dresses. Then we found this one:

After consulting with her cousin and a friend we decided this was the dress. You can't really tell in this picture but the material has a shimmer to it. Not sure if that is the best way to describe it but there it is.

The first activity was the Homecoming Assembly. It was so fun to see all the kids and how excited they were. Chelsea and Mike looked great.

My dad said that Chelsea looks so good in this picture she even made Mike look good! :) I think they both look wonderful! Here are a few more

assembly pictures.

When they called each girls
name the crowd cheered, but when they called Chelsea's name the crowd went wild. Mike said afterward "If they picked the winner by the audience reaction Chelsea would have won, hands down."
These are all of the candidates after the assembly. They are all so pretty!

Next was the Homecoming Parade. Jake marched with the band:
Chelsea rode in a car with some of the other candidates:
Of course, part of the excitement was when Isaac asked Chelsea to the dance. In Utah you can't just ask a girl to the dance, you have to come up with some creative way to do it. Isaac came over while Chelsea was gone and put a bunch of Coke cans on her bed and a sign said "You would have to be on Coke to say no to going to the homecoming game with me."
And then came the game. This is Chelsea heading down to the field before half time.

Here she is with Mike when they announced the candidates:
The crowd went wild when they announced Chelsea as the winner. I must say that I was excited too.
Here she is greeting the crowd:
Here is Chelsea with her proud parents:
Here is the Queen!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Mike had mentioned going hiking yesterday so this morning I got up, showered, got dressed and woke him up to go. He didn't want to go so early (7:30) even though we had gone to bed at 9:30 last night. I think someone is getting old! :) Anyway I decided to go on my own. I got chastised by my brother and sister for this but I went hiking to Waterfall Canyon which is a very popular hike so I was never really alone for very long. In the end I was sort of glad that I went alone because I am in pretty good shape and could go as fast as I wanted. Mike's idea of exercise is walking behind a self-propelled lawn mower so I don't think he'd have wanted to keep up with the pace I set for myself. Here's a photo of the waterfall:

After the hike I met up with the kids. They were long-boarding at Weber State University. Chelsea got one a few weeks ago and then Jake got one. Now several of their friends have them. Here is Chelsea:
Here is Jake:
Here are a couple of photos of the long-boarding crew:

Thursday, September 3, 2009

A short post

As you know school has started, for me and the kids. So it has been crazy around here. I started my internship at Weber Human Services and I am really enjoying it. The agency works with mostly Seriously and Persistently Mentally Ill. All are on Medicaid. After working in a private practice last year it has been quite a change. I am also in graduate school but am relieve to find that it appears to be easier than undergraduate school. That's good because on top of my internship I am taking 18 credit hours.

Mike went to Indonesia and Malaysia for 3 weeks. I'm not a big fan of him being gone that long. He will be going to Las Vegas in October and I think that is all for the rest of this year. After the first of the year he will be traveling again. I'm not sure where but he loves to travel so I know he'll have a good time. Wish I could go with him!

Jake has settled in nicely here and is doing well. He had an accident with his long board but is healing. He is excited about his physics class and likes his beginning guitar class. He is preparing to try out for the Blue Knights, which is a professional drum corp.

Chelsea also wants to try out for the Blue Knights. I hope they both make it. Chelsea is enjoying school also. She has quite a few music related classes so that makes her happy. She was nominated for Homecoming Queen and had her picture taken today for that. So, here she is:
Gorgeous, isn't she! The game is on September 18th. She isn't too happy that she won't be able to play in the marching band at half time but she'll have other opportunities for that. Not many girls can say they were nominated to be the Queen!