Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer trips

Now that our Glacier trip is over it's time to start the next trip.  Chelsea and I are off to Holland to see Eline and her family. Eline was our foreign exchange student for the 2007-2008 school year.  She was also a bridesmaid at our wedding.  We are going to spend a week with her and her family.  It should be a blast.

While we are gone Jake is moving out into his own apartment. I spent part of yesterday buying him things he'll need to be on his own, such as silverware, trash cans, kitchen utensils, etc.  We are also giving him the dresser in his room, and dishes and pots and pans we no longer need.

A few days after we get back from Holland Chelsea will be moving into the dorm at Utah State University.  I think we have everything she needs to settle in there.  Fortunately it is only an hour away so not to far to drive, if need be.  That same day Mike is going to head out with some friends for a motorcycle trip through Idaho, Oregon and California. 

I am planning on a trip to CA over Labor Day.  Mike had planned a trip to Vegas with friends, but he decided to stay home. He's probably looking forward to some quiet time alone!

I think we might be done with trips for a little while after this.  I start working full time on September 7th and he has to be just about out of leave.  So we'll settle in to being empty nesters until Christmas break, when Chelsea will be moving back for a month.

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